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HTML * How C/P for Posting

Post  TinkersBoo on Sun Aug 05, 2018 10:31 pm

Okay this is what your boards look like

A. New Topic Main Board- before Send-Post it go down to the bottom
see Options - Normal make the dot go to Sticky (stay on the top)

This is the inside of the Rich Editor of all members
for the HTML there 2 ways of making sure that it all okay

A. When you post a tag if it reads HTML click the icon (last one looks piece of paper)
click it make sure not in HTML and yet C/P your tags, games etc

B. Go to your Profile > Preferences

Go down to the bottom and make sure that it reads this

Allow HTML yes
Allow BBCode Yes
Enable Smiley Yes
Attach my Signature Yes
Pop Ups ReportsĀ  Yes
Notifications yes

To Notification someone use their member list name ID
do this @TinkersBoo

And it notify me to this board in a few minutes lol

If you click yes to allow HTML, BBCode etc then you are able
to post C/P Tags, games etc it upon person joins to make sure it is
check right

Hugs Tinker xx

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